All in a Day’s Work

I’ve spent the past few weeks developing a little short film project with a few chums of mine, and we’re going to do a bit of a crowdfunding campaign to get it rocking properly.

It’s called All in a Days Work and will star Mark Benton, Paul Kavanagh (who also scripted it) and Ben Shockley (who was also in my other films House of Donn and Secret Thoughts of Angels).

The story revolves around a couple of hit men mistakenly sent on the same job, only to find their target already dead. A psychological battle ensues as the two guys duke it out to see who will claim the hit, and the reward, and who will walk away with nothing.

We’re looking to do it all properly (pay and feed the actors and crew, plus we’ll need some FX shots done), so we’re aiming for a target of £5000. We’re launching the campaign today, and running it until the 25th May, so please, please, please, if you can spare a fiver (or more!) we’d really appreciate your help with this. We have some nice rewards to choose from.

Even if you can’t spare any cash, a Facebook mention or Tweet about the campaign would be really, really appreciated.

We’re running the campaign at

Oh, and feel free to follow the All in a Day’s Work twitter account too!

Thank you!

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